Our Story

Our mission is to support excellence in education by advancing educational justice and racial equity for students in Seattle Public Schools.

Our vision is a deeply invested community that collectively ensures all students in Seattle Public Schools experience a sense of belonging, receive an excellent and equitable education, and reach their fullest potential.


  • Contributing to efforts that narrow opportunity gaps.
  • More than $155 million to support excellence in Seattle Public Schools.
  • A groundbreaking partnership in the creation of the Seattle Teacher Residency, which has placed 90 highly trained teachers in 30 high-needs Seattle schools.
  • Serving 120 school-related groups with fiscal sponsorship services, managing more than $2 million in donations and disbursements.


We recognize that systemic inequities exist in our community, especially along the lines of race. These inequities prevent children, especially children of color, from receiving the education they deserve.We are committed to an educational system that equitably supports each child in the diverse community that is Seattle Public Schools. We believe that this commitment can best be actualized by placing racial diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging at the forefront of our organizational culture, strategy and community relationships.We value diversity, equity, and inclusion in all aspects of our work. We strive to ensure the diversity of our community is reflected in our staff, board and partners, and that those voices are engaged at meaningful levels of programming, policy and decision-making.

At the heart of our work is a fundamental commitment to:

  • Our Children – Every child has value, potential and can succeed. Our strategic focus is centered on advancing racial equity and supporting those students furthest from educational justice, and on awareness of the complexity of student experience.
  • Our School System – Our public education system must be a safe and supportive space for all students, providing them with the educational experience they need to succeed. Our schools serve students best when they consider the whole child, bringing diversity, equity and inclusion to their approach to recognize and support the complexity of students’ lived experiences.
  • Our City – Our city is stronger because of the diversity of its community, and stronger still when all voices are heard. We believe in a Seattle that works together to provide every student with an excellent and equitable education, and that honors, respects, includes and engages the many perspectives, identities, and life experiences that make this city great.

We are never done learning when it comes to diversity, equity and inclusion. At the Alliance for Education, we are committed to ongoing exploration, discussion and engagement so our understanding of and work to advance diversity, equity and inclusion can continue to deepen and evolve.


What does the Alliance do?

The Alliance for Education exists to promote excellence in Seattle Public Schools. We partner with the district in key strategic initiatives that aim to eliminate opportunity gaps between student groups in an effort to ensure that every child is prepare for college, career, and life.

In addition to our strategic work, we offer awards and scholarships to principals, teachers, administrators, and students at SPS.

We also provide direct fiscal services and support to schools and school-related groups including booster clubs and alumni, parent, and community groups.

No. The Alliance for Education is independent of the school district. We act as a partner with the district on initiatives, such as the Seattle Teacher Residency. While we exist to support and improve public education in Seattle, we are separate from the district itself.

The Alliance for Education is a “Local Education Fund,” or LEF. There are approximately 80 LEFs across the country. Models vary, but we are united in our purpose to support and improve public education in the U.S.

Our Board of Directors is comprised of a wonderful, engaged group of local business and community leaders. To learn more about our Board of Directors, see our Board page.

The Alliance for Education works with the district and other community leaders to determine what type and level of investment best addresses student needs at a given time.

We also work with funders and the district to secure grants that either support district-led programs or those directly managed at the Alliance. To learn more about specific programs, please visit Our Programs.

Yes, several. The Alliance for Education administers awards to principals, teachers, and students exhibiting excellence in the classroom.

Visit our Awards & Scholarships page to learn more.

Yes and no. While we do interact with students constantly, we primarily focus on systemic change in the district. We also partner with many amazing grassroots and direct service organizations who inform our direction and our work.

Yes and no. Our investments are focused on system-wide changes that create the conditions for success for every child in every school.

However, we do provide fiscal sponsorship services to approximately 120 school-based groups including booster clubs and alumni, parent, and community groups.

You can learn more about our School Fiscal Services here.

If your organization is affiliated with Seattle Public Schools, it’s possible. Please see our School Fiscal Services page to learn more about what kind of groups qualify for fiscal sponsorship.

There are plenty of ways that you can help support public education in Seattle!

Taking an active role in your school and community.
Volunteer at our office or at one of our events. Contact Sheena Wu to learn more.
Give to the Alliance for Education. Visit our Donation page to learn more.