About the Alliance

The Alliance for Education is an independent, local education fund that works in partnership with Seattle Public Schools to address big challenges facing students, families and educators.

Mission, Vision & Values

At the Alliance for Education…

  • Our Mission is to support excellence in education by advancing educational justice and racial equity for students in Seattle Public Schools.
  • Our Vision is a deeply invested community that collectively ensures all students in Seattle Public Schools experience a sense of belonging, receive an excellent and equitable education, and reach their fullest potential.
  • Our Work is focused on achieving racial equity and educational justice for Seattle students. We recognize that creating a true equitable learning environment requires engagement from our community. As the only local education foundation supporting all schools in Seattle Public Schools, we are uniquely positioned to convene local leaders, philanthropic funders, the school district, and our broader community to create innovative programs for students.
  • Our Belief is that systemic inequities exist in our community, especially along the lines of race. These inequities prevent children, especially children of color, from receiving the education they deserve.We are committed to an educational system that equitably supports each child in the diverse community that is Seattle Public Schools. We believe that this commitment can best be actualized by placing racial diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging at the forefront of our organizational culture, strategy and community relationships.We value diversity, equity, and inclusion in all aspects of our work. We strive to ensure the diversity of our community is reflected in our staff, board and partners, and that those voices are engaged at meaningful levels of programming, policy and decision-making. We are never done learning when it comes to diversity, equity and inclusion. At the Alliance for Education, we are committed to ongoing exploration, discussion and engagement so our understanding of and work to advance diversity, equity and inclusion can continue to deepen and evolve.

Our Commitment to Seattle

At the heart of our work is a fundamental commitment to

  • Our Children – Every child has value, potential and can succeed. Our strategic focus is centered on advancing racial equity and supporting those students furthest from educational justice, and on awareness of the complexity of student experience.
  • Our School System – Our public education system must be a safe and supportive space for all students, providing them with the educational experience they need to succeed. Our schools serve students best when they consider the whole child, bringing diversity, equity and inclusion to their approach to recognize and support the complexity of students’ lived experiences.
  • Our City – Our city is stronger because of the diversity of its community, and stronger still when all voices are heard. We believe in a Seattle that works together to provide every student with an excellent and equitable education, and that honors, respects, includes and engages the many perspectives, identities, and life experiences that make this city great.


What does the Alliance do?

The Alliance for Education is an independent, local education fund that works in partnership with Seattle Public Schools to address big challenges, like racial equity and educational justice, facing Seattle students and schools. Since 1995, the Alliance has served as a convener, connector and collaborator, stewarding philanthropic funding, innovation and expertise in our public school system. We are committed to a public school system that is equitable and excellent for all students.

No, we collaborate with Seattle Public Schools, but operate independently. The district can’t do this work alone, so we convene community support to address challenges and drive positive change in all SPS schools to further our shared vision for supporting students furthest from racial equity and educational justice in Seattle. 

Yes, the Alliance for Education is a Local Education Fund. There are approximately 80 Local Education Funds across the country. Models vary, but we are united in our purpose to support and improve public education in the U.S.

The Alliance for Education collaborates and convenes community support for district initiatives that align with the needs of our students and educators. Our decisions reflect the best interests of SPS students and parents, as well as the larger Seattle community.

We currently support a variety of programs that benefit SPS.

While our work benefits students directly, we primarily work at the district level to fund programs that shape a public school system that equitably supports all students, especially those furthest from educational justice.

The Alliance works directly with individual schools in Seattle Public Schools through the Right Now Needs Fund. The fund is available at all schools and is designed to quickly fulfill requests to meet immediate basic needs of Seattle students that would not otherwise be covered in a school budget.

If your organization is affiliated with Seattle Public Schools, it’s possible! Please see our School Account Services page to learn more about what kind of groups qualify for fiscal sponsorship. 

There are plenty of ways that you can help support public education in Seattle! Volunteer at our office or at one of our events or make a gift to the Alliance for Education.