How does the Alliance make a difference?

We innovate,
we invest, we engage.

The Alliance for Education is the only organization of its kind serving all 106 Seattle Public Schools. Our work focuses on Innovation, Investment, and Engagement. These focus areas allow us to diversify our programming and create capacity building opportunities to support Seattle Public Schools and their initiatives. The Alliance is committed to creating, leading, and supporting initiatives support excellence in education by advancing educational justice and racial equity.

Our School District

52,000 Students

(School Year 20-21)

13% English Learners

(School Year 20-21)

34 Title I Schools

(School Year 20-21)

3,670 Number of Classroom Teachers

(School Year 20-21)

Student Demographics

46.02% White

14.74% Black/African American;

13% Asian;

13.1% Hispanic/Latino;

12.2% Multi-Racial;

0.4% Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander;

0.42%American Indian/Alaskan Native;

Commitment to Racial Equity

The Office of African American Male Achievement (AAMA)


Seattle Teacher Residency


Over 50% of Seattle Teacher Residency graduates identify as people of color, compared to the district average of 20%.

Foster Award

Celebrating principals who advance racial equity and educational justice in their schools and create more welcoming environments.


How We Invest

African American Male Achievement

$2.3 Million
as of December 2021 from local philanthropies to fund SPS’ Office of African American Male Achievement. This new effort creates policies, structures, and systems designed for Black male students’ success
philanthropic partners invested in this innovative strategy to date
Black/African American male students serve on the Student Leadership Council

The Office of African American Male Achievement (AAMA) at Seattle Public Schools works to ensure that the educational environment across the Seattle public school system supports the brilliance and excellence of Black boys and teens. AAMA works to reconstruct school systems and structures to advance public education as a tool for transformation and liberation, and create a strong learning environment.

Culture: rituals, routines, and practices that honor students’ strengths. In collaboration with students, staff, families, and the community, AAMA will use transformative antiracist practices to disrupt patterns of systemic racism and rebuild the school system to support the advancement of Black boys and teens in education and life.

Conditions: policies, structures, and systems that support welcoming and safe learning spaces. AAMA works with district leadership, the school board, and school leaders to develop and implement policies, structures, and systems that support healthy development and learning for all Black boys and teens.

Competencies: skills and knowledge that educators need to reach and teach Black boys and teens. The district is committed to increasing integrated training on implicit bias, institutional and structural racism, and cultural competency; and growing the percentage of African American male educators and leaders in the district.

Community Connection: direct supports and networking opportunities for students to thrive. As part of SPS’s commitment to Black boys and teens, SPS will ensure that they receive the direct service supports, and community networking opportunities they need to navigate, thrive, and succeed not only in Seattle Public Schools but in life.

Awards And Scholarships

grant awarded to a principal every year for use in their school
Foster Award winners since 2000
awarded to SPS leaders and schools since 2000

The Alliance for Education brings together community to invest in educators and schools. With 25 years of leadership, the Alliance has built relationships and partnerships that provide monetary grants and showcase the leadership of educators working tirelessly to support students, with a focus on those committed to advancing racial equity.

Spotlight: Foster Award

Every year, two outstanding school leaders are surprised – often in front of their whole school –with the Thomas B. Foster Award for Excellence. The award recognizes and honors outstanding Seattle Public Schools principals who have demonstrated success in advancing racial equity and educational justice to improve outcomes in their school setting. In addition to public recognition, each honoree receives $25,000 to be utilized on behalf of their school community.

The award was established by the Alliance for Education in honor of the late Thomas B. Foster, a Seattle attorney and senior partner of the Foster Pepper law firm. Mr. Foster exemplified excellence in his profession during a career which spanned the last half of the 20th century and had a personal commitment to public education. Endowed by the Foster family, the Foster Award has been offered to 19 SPS principals since 2000.

How We Engage

School Fiscal Services

153 PTAs
booster clubs and school organizations leverage fiscal services from the Alliance for Education to support fundraising for school communities
in school account funds stewarded in the 2019-2020 school year by the Alliance

The Alliance for Education works with school-based groups like PTAs, booster clubs and more, to help streamline accounting services for their fundraising efforts on behalf of students. By offering fiscal services to support school-related fundraising, the Alliance reduces barriers, allowing school volunteers and staff more time to focus on school programs and fundraising.

Recent praise for our School Fiscal Services:

“You guys have been great! Responsive, willing to meet to discuss our account and our fundraising efforts, proactive in encouraging us to sign up for GiveBIG and helping us navigate that process, generating donor lists for us. I’m so grateful.”

“Having used your services the last 10 years, I can only give you praise. You have always been available for anything I might have needed.”

“I am pleased with the services the Alliance has offered and provided, but more pleased with the warmth and quick response of the staff.”

Covid-19 Response

raised through the Education Equity Fund to address remote learning needs during the pandemic
laptops donated to students during Spring 2020
meals provided to SPS students

When schools closed in March 2020, the Alliance for Education immediately began to support SPS families and students in new and targeted ways. Working in partnership with the district, the Alliance engaged with community partners and donors to help meet SPS families’ most critical needs – childcare, access to food, and resources for learning at home.

Spotlight: Education Equity Fund

The Alliance launched the Education Equity Fund at the start of the pandemic, recognizing that students furthest from educational justice were going to be the most impacted by COVID-19. Launched within weeks of schools closing, the fund connected donors directly to a way to support students and teachers. More than $3 million in cash and in-kind donations were raised to provide students with computers, internet access, food and more, and to support teachers in meeting the demands of remote learning.

How We Innovate

Right Now Needs Fund - (December 2018 to March 2022)

$2.8 Million
distributed to students and families with immediate needs
instances of student support across all 106 Seattle Public Schools
distrubuted for food

Right Needs Now Fund (December 2018 – March 2022)

  • $1.2M in funds distributed to students and families with immediate needs
  • 35,052+ instances of student support
  • $550,000+ distributed for food
  • $502,000+ distributed for shelter
  • $160,000+ distributed for clothing support
  • $25,000+ distributed for school supplies
  • $12,000+ distributed for health services

Right Needs Now Fund COVID-19 Response:

  • 35,052+ instances of student support
  • 63% for food
  • 34% for shelter
  • 1% for school supplies
  • 2% for clothing support
  • $535,210 spent since March 2020; in the past 12 months $815,803 has been spent

Seattle Teacher Residency

STR graduates teaching in SPS
students to learn with STR educators daily

The Seattle Teacher Residency recruits, trains, places, and supports excellent, committed teachers in SPS Title I schools. Graduates reflect the diversity of SPS students.

Research shows that teacher diversity has a direct positive impact on student success. STR plays a critical role in diversifying SPS’s teaching workforce. Residency participants commit to teaching at a Title 1 school in SPS for five years after graduation. This innovative program and partnership created a new pipeline of teachers who more closely reflect the diversity of the students they teach.



Where Our Data Comes From:

The Alliance monitors all annual reports and data released by the WA Office of Superintendent of Public Education and Seattle Public Schools Department of Data Reporting to measure the impact of our services and programming. In addition the data found in these two resources, the Alliance has a data-sharing agreement with SPS in case additional data and information is needed. The Alliance shares this data with community, philanthropic and corporate partners, and peer organizations across the region and nationwide. To supplement data from these sources, we leverage our own data collection systems to enhance evaluation of the programs we have in-house.

If you are looking for COVID-19 resources please go to the SPS Covid-19 Dashboard where resources and information is regularly updated.

Annual Report:

Our report will contain detailed information about the overall state of the Alliance and will provide in-depth reports on our programs and initiatives that align with our strategic pillars of Collaboration, Innovation, Investment, and Engagement with the SPS community. Please see below and download the comprehensive report for 2021.