How does the Alliance make a difference?

We develop, invest and partner in programs that increase equity for Seattle students.

The Alliance for Education is the only organization of its kind serving all of Seattle Public Schools. We work as a convener, connector and collaborator, stewarding philanthropic funding, innovation and expertise to ensure that every public school in Seattle has the community support they need. The Alliance’s work is designed to challenge systemic inequities in public schools and create a more equitable and just education system that allows all Seattle students to thrive.

Our School District

Fast Facts & Figures

49,226 Students

(School Year 2023-24)

6,486 School-Based Staff

(School Year 2023-24)

Average of 11 years of teaching experience

(School Year 2023-24)

$1.172 Billion Budget

(Adopted 2022-23 Budget)

104 Schools

(School Year 2023-24)

150 Languages or Dialects Spoken at Home

(School Year 2023-24)

159 Countries of Origin

(School Year 2023-24)

88% 4-Year Graduation Rate

(Class of 2023)

Student Race and Ethnicity

46% White

15% Hispanic;

14% Black;

13% Multi-Race;

12% Asian;

1% Pacific Island;

1% Native American;

Commitment to Racial Equity

The Office of African American Male Achievement (AAMA)

AAMA was established to reimagine and build a school system that intentionally cultivates the strength of Black boys and teens, ensuring each and every Black student recognizes their own potential and feels supported in their education.

Screenshot 2023-02-28 at 2.28.04 PM

Seattle Teacher Residency


Over 50% of Seattle Teacher Residency graduates identify as people of color, much higher than the school district average.

Foster Award

Celebrating principals who advance racial equity and educational justice in Seattle Public Schools. 


How We Invest

African American Male Achievement

$3.6 Million
​​raised in support of the Office of African American Male Achievement
philanthropic partners invested in this innovative strategy
Black/African American male students served on the Student Leadership Council

The Office of African American Male Achievement was established to reimagine and build a school system that intentionally cultivates the strength of Black boys and teens, ensuring each and every Black student recognizes their own potential and feels supported in their education. By listening to the expressed concerns of Black male students, AAMA will create a framework that aligns work and practices across the district to ensure SPS has the culture, conditions, staff competencies, and community connections in place for all Black boys and teens to excel in their education.

Awards And Scholarships

grant awarded to two principals every year for use in their school
Foster Award winners since 2000
awarded to SPS leaders and schools since 2000

​​The Alliance for Education gives numerous awards to educators and school leaders in the district annually showcasing the leadership of those that work tirelessly to support students, with a focus on those committed to advancing racial equity. One of these awards is the Thomas B. Foster Award for Excellence that champions Seattle Public Schools principals who advance educational justice and racial equity in their schools. Every year, two $25,000 educational grants are awarded to selected principals with over $500,000 having been awarded to the SPS community since 2000. 

How We Partner

School Fiscal Services

167 PTAs
school organizations leveraging Alliance for Education funds to support SPS
$1.26 Million
school account funds stewarded by the Alliance (School Year 19-20)

The Alliance for Education works with school-based groups like PTAs, booster clubs and more, to effect systemic change by supporting  fundraising efforts on behalf of students. By offering fiscal services, the Alliance reduces barriers, providing school volunteers and staff with the support they need to reach their goals.

Covid-19 Response

$3 Million
raised through the Education Equity Fund to address remote learning needs during the pandemic
laptops donated to students
meals provided

As students and teachers scrambled to adapt to remote learning during the pandemic, the Alliance for Education worked in partnership with Seattle Public Schools and engaged with community partners and donors to meet SPS families’ most critical needs. 

How We Innovate

Right Now Needs Fund

$3.8 Million
distributed to students and families with immediate needs since inception
instances of student support across all 106 Seattle Public Schools since inception
instances of student support in 2022

The Right Now Needs Fund is a one-of-a-kind program that works at the individual school level to address the basic needs of students and families across all Seattle Public Schools. The fund ensures students can fully participate in classroom activities by covering the costs of warm clothing, meals, technology access, and housing that are not included in individual school budgets, but are necessary for students to thrive. 

Seattle Teacher Residency

stay in the field teaching through their third year in the classroom
Stay in the field teaching through their fifth year in the classroom
Stay in the field teaching past their sixth year in the classroom
STR graduates since the first cohort in 2013
Students learn with STR educators daily
STR graduates teach in SPS mainly in K-5 and special education
of STR graduates are racially diverse identifying as people of color
of current mentors are STR graduates
of surveyed STR graduates have a school or district leadership role

The Seattle Teacher Residency Program rethinks the way educators are prepared for today’s classrooms by recruiting and training future teachers in a year-long residency with the goal of retaining educators that reflect the rich diversity of Seattle Public Schools. Through the program, prospective educators earn their Master’s in Teaching (MiT) degree at the University of Washington, receive a living stipend, and gain mentorship, training, and support to teach students in Seattle Public Schools furthest from educational justice. STR graduates reflect the rich diversity of the Seattle students they teach, aiming to embolden and inspire all students – especially those furthest from educational justice.

Annual Report

Screenshot 2023-04-18 at 11.17.53 AM

Our annual report highlights the tangible impact of our programs, providing in-depth data and highlighting the successes of real students and educators. Our data comes from the WA Office of Superintendent of Public Education, Seattle Public Schools Department of Data Reporting, and a data-sharing agreement with Seattle Public Schools — all supplemented by our own data collection systems. Please see below and download the comprehensive report for 2022.

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