Our Programs

The Alliance for Education’s programmatic mission is to close the opportunity gaps that exist between student groups. Our programs focus on funding and implementing strategies proven to support best practices, increase equity and close opportunity gaps.

Celebrating Success

The Alliance offers multiple awards to teachers, principals and other school staff, with a focus on recognizing excellence and capacity to close opportunity and achievement gaps. By amplifying the successes of these individuals, we highlight innovation and strong performance, encourage collaboration, and support retention of effective teachers and staff. Click here to learn more.

Community Convening

The Alliance convenes a broad spectrum of stakeholders to fund promising practices and strategies designed to increase equity and close opportunity gaps. Through public and private partnerships with the broader community and the district, we build awareness of district strengths, challenges and needs, and bring financial resources, partnership and effective strategies to Seattle Public Schools.

Seattle Teacher Residency

Developed in 2012 in partnership with Seattle Public Schools, the University of Washington and the Seattle Education Association, the Seattle Teacher Residency recruits, trains, places and retains a diverse group of highly effective teachers, dedicated to serving in Seattle’s poverty-impacted schools. The Seattle Teacher Residency successfully applies the medical residency model to teacher preparation. By blending classroom apprenticeship with aligned graduate-level course work and an intensive resident/mentor partnership, residencies aim to accelerate student achievement through the training, support and retention of excellent teachers.

School Fiscal Services

The Alliance offers robust fiscal sponsorship services that enable individual schools and education–related organizations to expand their base of charitable support. We provide gift-management and accounting services, allowing school staff and volunteers more time for school programs and fundraising. We serve approximately 120 groups, including booster clubs, alumni groups, parent groups and others. These groups raise funds for needed classroom supplies, tutoring, enrichment programs, and other schoolhouse expenses not covered by existing school budgets. For more information, click here.

Right Now Needs Fund

The Right Now Needs Fund is an initiative created in partnership with Amazon. The Right Now Needs Fund is designed to give school communities enhanced capacity to meet the urgent and basic needs of students in Seattle Public Schools. Each school has access to funds designed to remove the most basic barriers to student learning. The Right Now Needs Fund was created to support students in the 2018 – 2019 and 2019 – 2020 school years. For more information, click here.