Marisa Web



Senior Director, Seattle Teacher Residency

Prior to joining the Alliance for Education, Marisa was Coordinator of the Secondary Teacher Education Program at the University of Washington. She was responsible for all aspects of the program, particularly ensuring cohesiveness between program curriculum and school practicum experiences, building partnerships with schools in which teacher candidates were placed, and facilitating the work of university coaches who supported teacher candidates in the field.

Marisa brings decades of experience in education to the Alliance, beginning her career as a special education teacher of students with learning disabilities, ADHD, and autism, ages PreK-12. While serving in a leadership role as a site coordinator of her school’s university partnership, Marisa developed an interest in teacher education and the role practitioners play in supporting new teacher development. She came to Seattle to pursue her Doctorate in Education at the University of Washington, which she received in 2009. There, her studies focused on teacher learning across a continuum from novice to veteran, with a particular interest in learning as it is negotiated within communities of practice.

When not focused on education, Marisa enjoys world travel, fitness, good food, and returning to her Jersey shore roots for some beach time.