Our District

Our vision is a deeply invested community that collectively ensures all students in Seattle Public Schools experience a sense of belonging, receive an excellent and equitable education, and reach their fullest potential.

Below, please find some currently available resources…



Starting the week of March 23, SPS opened child care facilities at 16 Seattle school sites in tandem with local child care providers and the City of Seattle. Per Governor Inslee’s request, these providers will prioritize students experiencing homelessness, children whose families qualify for Free and Reduced Lunch supports, and children of essential workers, including medical personnel, hospital/clinic personnel, EMTs, firefighters, essential SPS staff providing meals, child care workers, grocery store staff and pharmacy workers. Child care is available to both pre-school and elementary age children. Both breakfast and lunch will be provided at each site. For more information on site locations and how to enroll, please visit the SPS COVID-19 Child Care Resource page.

Remote Learning

SPS has begun providing remote learning in a variety of formats, including printed materials distributed at food distribution sites and online, videos available on YouTube and SPSTV, and teacher outreach via Schoology. More detail on the District’s approach to remote learning, resources, and information on what families and students can expect is available on the SPS COVID-19 FAQ page.

Additional Resources

Mental Health Services

Special Education Resources

Learning Resources

SPS is aware that COVID-19 will have multiple impacts on our students and families, and we are working together to provide additional supports. Follow SPS on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, and check back for forthcoming plans here or on the SPS Coronavirus Update webpage.

SPS School Board

The Board of Directors for Seattle Public Schools is an elected body of seven citizens who serve four year terms and represent geographical regions within the City of Seattle.

It is the belief of the Board of Directors and Superintendent that they are partners in the governance team of Seattle Public Schools. Both must do their jobs well for the organization to be successful and for the governance team as a whole to be effective.

Seattle Excellence Strategic Plan

Seattle Excellence, our five year strategic plan, is guided by four priorities and is laser focused on supporting Students of Color who are furthest away from educational justice, beginning with African American boys and teens.

Our strategic plan is not about changing students. This work is about changing broken systems and undoing legacies of racism in public education. By actively becoming an anti-racist educational system – and ensuring students furthest away from educational justice thrive – conditions in Seattle Public Schools will improve for all.

” Success is seen as being famous or rich. We only talk about Black Excellence in relation to people like Obama, but by doing so, we are limiting that definition to ‘I need to be a famous athlete or President of the U.S.’ to be successful. Black Excellence is also having a normal life, feeling like you are part of the community. 

Seattle Public Schools Student