Education Equity Fund

Through the Education Equity Fund, the Alliance worked with the district and philanthropic donors to offer support to local students and educators during a collective time of crisis.

During the pandemic, the Alliance for Education rallied around Seattle Public Schools to provide support for students during the COVID-19 crisis. We worked directly with the SPS executive team to understand the most critical district needs – childcare, food distribution, and continuous learning – and in turn launched the Education Equity Fund. Contributions to the fund supported the remote learning needs of SPS students and educators in an ongoing effort to provide an equitable education even amid a global crisis. This led to the donation of 10,000+ laptops to students and families, enhanced offerings at SPS meal distribution sites, and tech support for teachers adapting to remote learning. To date, the Education Equity Fund has raised more than $3 million from partners like Amazon, Microsoft, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and many more to support Seattle students and families. We continue to confront systemic inequities by ensuring that all donations to this fund support Seattle students, families, and educators’ access to continuous and equitable learning opportunities via our Right Now Needs Fund.

Other Seattle Public Schools Resources for Students and Families

Seattle Public Schools strives to actively meet the needs of its students and families by sponsoring the following resources:

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