The Alliance for Education’s ‘GiveBIG’ Campaign Funds Basic Needs for Seattle Students

Alliance for Education is an independent, local education fund whose new 2021 annual report recorded 12,000+ fulfilled requests to support the basic needs of Seattle students and families 

SEATTLEThe Alliance for Education (the Alliance), Seattle’s only local education fund to support all 106 public schools, is making its final push as part of the statewide GiveBIG campaign, with proceeds supporting the Right Now Needs Fund, a fund designed to address the immediate basic needs of Seattle students and their families. GiveBIG is a statewide online fundraising campaign that culminates today and tomorrow. This year’s push for the Seattle community to support the Right Now Needs Fund coincides with the release of the Alliance’s 2021 annual report, released today. According to the annual report, the Right Now Needs Fund fulfilled 12,617 individual requests for support for students and families at Seattle Public Schools in the past year.

The Right Now Needs Fund works directly at the school level to provide funding for clothing, food, health, internet and housing costs for students and families across Seattle Public Schools, allowing students to focus on learning by supporting their success within and beyond the classroom. According to the report, of the requests fulfilled from September 2020 to August 2021, 56 percent provided food, 31 percent went toward shelter for students and families, six percent provided school supplies, six percent for clothing, and one percent funded internet costs. Since its launch in 2018 with a generous donation from Amazon, the Right Now Needs Fund has reported more than 35,000 individual instances of support for students and families across all 106 schools.

“Our students succeed when they have access to an education system that equitably supports every student in Seattle’s diverse community. As an independent, local education fund, we act quickly to convene community partners to address these challenges by developing, investing, and partnering in programs and pathways that increase equity for Seattle students. We rely on the generous donations of our community to design, implement, and fund the programs and pathways that make Seattle Public Schools an equitable school system where our students thrive,” said Lisa Chick, CEO of the Alliance for Education.

In addition to the Right Now Needs Fund, the Alliance raises funds and develops programs that address existing inequities preventing students from receiving the education they deserve. The 2021 annual report demonstrates the impact of its fundraising for the following programs that support Seattle teachers, students, and their families.

  • The Seattle Teacher Residency program was developed in partnership with the University of Washington, Seattle Education Association, and Seattle Public Schools to train educators to teach in culturally and linguistically diverse communities. The program places diverse cohorts of highly-qualified teachers in Title I schools which are most impacted by poverty. Currently, 155 Seattle Teacher Residency graduates teach in Seattle Public Schools.
  • The Education Equity Fund was created by the Alliance to serve Seattle students, families, and teachers during times of crisis. During the pandemic, the fund provided 10,000 laptops, 24/7 tech support, teacher training for remote learning, 25,000 meals for students, and more.
  • The Alliance supported the creation of the Office of African American Male Achievement at Seattle Public Schools by raising $2.5 million to fuel its first three years of work. The Office of African American Male Achievement is the first of its kind in Washington, creating a framework that aligns strategy and practices across the district to ensure Seattle Public Schools has the culture, conditions, staff competencies, and community connections in place for all Black boys and teens to excel in their education.

Together these programs offer necessary support to help Seattle students receive an excellent and equitable education to reach their fullest potential.

Learn more about the Alliance’s philanthropic partnerships and programming impacts in the recently released annual report.


About The Alliance for Education

The Alliance for Education works in close partnership with Seattle Public Schools and other community partners to convene stakeholders, create programs and raise funds designed to advance educational justice and racial equity in Seattle’s public school system. To learn more about the Alliance for Education, visit