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The Right Now Needs Fund is an initiative from the Alliance for Education, and was launched in October of 2018 with a $2M/two year investment from Amazon. The Fund is designed to provide funds to address the most immediate basic needs of Seattle Public Schools students, to ensure that students can come to school and focus on learning.

The Alliance stewards and disburses the funds to all 106 Seattle Public Schools, in amounts reflective of the percentage of students in each school receiving free and reduced lunch. The fund can be leveraged to provide support for the immediate needs of students not covered by existing school budgets. Funds can be requested by any school community member and requests are approved by the school principal.


Who will the Right Now Needs Fund benefit?

The Right Now Needs Fund is designed to directly benefit students,  particularly students whose learning is being impacted by poverty.

The funds can be spent on addressing the basic needs of students. Examples of appropriate expenditures include warm clothing, adequate food, shelter, and necessary school supplies. Funds cannot be spent on existing school budget expenses.

You access the Right Now Needs Fund by contacting your child’s principal. School principals have been trained on how to request disbursements.

Any school community member can recommend a disbursement of the fund, however school principals provide final authorization and make requests. Speak with your school principal if you, or someone you know could benefit from the Fund’s support.

The Alliance for Education is responsible for managing the Right Now Needs Fund. We disburse the funds and track its usage for schools in the Seattle Public School district. The Alliance works closely with the district as a partner and supporter, and shares the district’s commitment to closing opportunity gaps.

For 25 years, the Alliance has offered support to school and community groups raising funds on their behalf. As a result, the Alliance team has the infrastructure and experience required to manage school-based resources. We manage over a hundred school accounts, sustain customer relationships, process check requests, and deliver timely reports, providing accountability and expertise to each school we support.

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