Where Our Data Comes From:

The Alliance monitors all annual reports and data released by the WA Office of Superintendent of Public Education and Seattle Public Schools Department of Data Reporting to measure the impact of our services and programming. In addition the data found in these two resources, the Alliance has a data-sharing agreement with SPS in case additional data and information is needed. The Alliance shares this data with community, philanthropic and corporate partners, and peer organizations across the region and nationwide. To supplement data from these sources, we leverage our own data collection systems to enhance evaluation of the programs we have in-house.

If you are looking for COVID-19 resources please go to the SPS Covid-19 Dashboard where resources and information is regularly updated.

Annual Report:

Our report will contain detailed information about the overall state of the Alliance and will provide in-depth reports on our programs and initiatives that align with our strategic pillars of Collaboration, Innovation, Investment, and Engagement with the SPS community. Please see below and download the comprehensive report for 2021.