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Monday, January 4, 2016 | 0 comments

Goodbye 2015 - Staff weighs in on what the new year might bring

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We asked some staff members about the best moments of 2015, and what they’re looking forward to in 2016.

What happened in 2015 that made you grateful to work for an education organization or excited about the work that you do?

“The best part of 2015 was receiving funding to expland the Seattle Teacher Residency to a STEM program across multiple districts in the region.” -Marisa Bier, Program Director, Seattle Teacher Residency

“Starting my job in 2015 as a recruiter for the Seattle Teacher Residency after 10 years in the classroom has really pushed me to learn a new skill set and is giving me the opportunity to utilize the networks and connections I have built up over the years in a new way. I am grateful for the opportunity and look forward to continuing to learn and push myself and help the organization in the new year.” -Michael Nguyen, Recruiter and Retention Coordinator, Seattle Teacher Residency

“To see teacher preparation in general (and teacher residencies in particular) garner recognition as a critical strategy to improve academic outcomes and, ultimately, lifetime opportunities, especially for students in high-need schools. There seems to be developing a broader recognition among people that a strong education system is the key to a more equitable and just society, that people can’t take advantage of an expanding but more complex economy without strong public education.” -Mark Taylor, Director of Grants Management

“Seeing an STR Mentor and Grad weigh in on the new Federal Education law, the Every Student Succeeds Act. The political geek in me was totally impressed by the performance of Rachelle Moore and Kristen Le as they testified in front of the Senate HELP committee to explain the importance of career-ready teacher training – and their testimony made a difference. The new law, passed in December of 2015, creates funding opportunities for the Seattle Teacher Residency and programs like it. How cool is that?!” -Jami Sheets, Communications Specialist

“My son’s 3rd grade teacher was aware of STR and wished it was around when he was choosing a place to get his teaching certificate. It’s nice to have the SPS teachers aware of STR and think of it favorably.” -Jim Molloy, Acct. & Fiscal Services Manager

What are you looking forward to helping AFE accomplish in 2016?

“2016 offers us the opportunity to help even more students in public schools by broadening our reach to other school districts. This is a very exciting time in our history.” -Mike Woodman, Development Director

“I am looking forward to our possible expansion to neighboring school districts with a STEM-based STR program. Go Seattle (Area) Teacher Residency!” -Jim Molloy, Acct. & Fiscal Services Coordinator

“I’m looking forward to a successful expansion into other school districts.” -Marisa Bier, Program Director, Seattle Teacher Residency

“Contributing to how AFE re-conceptualizes and re-frames its work in light of the amended partnership with SPS. Learning about the needs and opportunities in neighboring districts as part of STR’s expansion.” – Mark Taylor, Director of Grants Management

“The Alliance has some huge opportunities ahead to make a real difference for students on our community. I’m very excited to see this organization step up and support student learning for some of the neediest schools in the state.” – Jami Sheets, Communications Specialist

“I am looking forward to another year of successful fundraising events to support the Alliance for Education’s nationally acclaimed programs to improve public schools in Seattle and beyond.” -Alicia Sands, Development Associate

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